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Kuari Pass Trek And Ganga River

Kuari Pass Trek And Ganga River

Not sure about whether you want to go on an active adventure or sightseeing tour ? Well, why not do both in one expedition ? Our combo adventures offer a combination of some activities in the mountains and visiting some local attractions.

An impressive trek to the Kauri Pass skirting during the outer wall of the Nanda Devi sanctuary, crossing passes and stunning river systems in the Garhwal Himalaya, the Kuari Pass trek is extensively popular among the European and American travelers. At an elevation of 4265m in the heart of Chamoli District of Uttaranchal in the northeastern region of Garhwal, the Kauri Pass Trek, as well known as the Curzon Trail takes one through blossoming green fields, remote villages and the virgin forests. Providing an enchanting sight of the bounty peaks of Nanda Devi, Dunagiri, Bethartoli and Devasthan, the Kauri pass trek is amongst the most excellent in the Garhwal Mountains.

There are two ways through which one can arrive at the Kauri trek. One is through the Curzon Trail i.e. from Ghat via Ramni. If one take this trek one gets to notice the royal twin peaks of Nanda Devi, Kamet, Dronagiri, and Hathi- Ghodi Parvat. Rare Himalayan flora and fauna are found galore on the track. The other path which however should not be taken in the winter is from Auli Bugyal through Gorson Top.

White Water Rafting in Rishikesh alongShrinagar,Deoparyag, Kodiyala, Marine Drive, Shivpuri and Bhrampuri lure adventure water sports lovers of all grades offering rafting tracks of different grades and interesting rapids like Daniel dip,The great Wall, Black money, 3 Blind Mice, Croce fire, Return to Sender ,Roller Coaster, Golf course and many more. Rishikesh has earned the heading of the river rafting capital of India.

For those of you who have little time but want to gain the maximum in a short period, we offer special combo trips which are a mix of both rafting and trekking giving you the best of all that the Himalayas have to offer. Chandershila top and Dev Prayag down on the river Ganga is the shortest combo trip we can offer. It can be completed in 6 days and is nice and easy giving you a fare share of both the experiences in a week’s time.

An impressive trek to the Kauri Pass skirting during the outer wall of the Nanda Devi sanctuary, crossing passes and stunning river systems in the Garhwal Himalaya,

Combo Trip Duration :- 9 nights / 10 days

Rafting through it is an above the world experience where you get an opportunity to overcome your fear and know yourself in depth. Adventurous tourists will be delighted to recognize that Rishikesh offers white water rafting from September to June, when the river is neither to wild nor too placid.

  • Trek Grade :- Moderate
  • Highest Point :- 3840 mts
  • Highest Camping Point :- 3395 mts
  • Best Time To Go :- Oct – Nov & Mar – May
  • Auli- a winter Ski Meadow , View of Nanda Devi- 7850m ,Ghuni, Jhinji and Pana Villages
  • 3 Days rafting expedition with camping on river side beaches Devprayag- Confluence of Alkhnanda and Bhagirathi River
  • Highest point 4800m
  • Best Time To Go: May, Oct till Nov.

Combo Trip Day Itnery

  • Day 01 : DRIVE FROM RISHIKESH TO GHAT: 9-10 hours

    Drive to Nandaprayag and to Ghat and then to Chefna (the starting point of the trek). We camp for the night at Chefna.
  • Day 02 : TREK FROM CHEFNA TO GHUNI: 3-4 hours

    Finish with breakfast and then devour on this nice walk next to the river followed by an ascent through coniferous and mixed forests. The walk by a wooded ridge takes us to a village called Ramni (2550m). It is a typical Garhwal village with friendly people and attractive houses with heavy slate roofs and paved alleys surrounded by fertile fields. It is very commendable to see that this entire village is mainly run on solar power. Night stay and meals at camp at Ghuni.
  • Day 03 : TREK FROM GHUNI TO SEMKHERK MEADOW (2,600 mtrs) 5-6 hrs

    This is a long but rewarding day. From the campsite you climb steeply for 1,000ft/300m on a zigzagging track to emerge on an open, grassy, grazing meadows. Snow peaks begin to emerge above the forest to the north. The path continues up through forests of rhododendron, pines and oaks with more pastures for summer grazing with shepherds huts. Flocks of sheep and goats are there to keep you company as you keep moving along the track. The highest point, reached in 2¼ hours from the camp, at 3,064m/10,053ft, is the Ramni Pass, also called Binayak Top. From here it is possible to make out the Kauri Pass, which we will cross on Day 8. From now on there may be a chance to see the multi-coloured monal pheasant but they are very shy, being hunted by the locals for pot. The trek is now gentle, mainly through open pastures into forests of horse chestnuts and walnut trees complete with fairy tale waterfalls. Lastly, a zigzag downward trail will bring you down to the overnight camp at Semkherk.
  • Day 04 : TREK FROM SEMKHERK TO PANA (2700m approx.) 6 hours

    Day starts with a descent to the colourful village of Jhinjhi. The trail carries on down past small farms, through some woods to the spectacular suspension bridge at 1,840m/6,037ft across the Birehi Gorge, which currently is inhabited by a large number of monkeys! From here however it’s a very steep climb up to 7,382ft/2,250m, where the track eases only after arduous ascent of 1 ½ hour.

    After this, you can relax a bit as the path becomes almost flat and you pass under the cool shade of the rhododendron forests with long tailed magpies flitting about. There are many streams and waterfalls as the route contours round many deep ravines. If you look down to the deep gorge below you can see the landslide and the Gauna Lake, which burst and flood the whole of the Ganga Valley down to Rishikesh in 1898. After going round the head of a horseshoe valley you reach two lovely rivers cascading down under the path. From here there is a short climb to a spot called Kaliaghat, which is a good campsite near the village of Pana. It is here where we camp overnight.
  • Day 05 : TREK FROM PANA TO DHAKWANI VIA SARTOLI (11,000ft/3353m approx.) 5-6 hours

    This is another long but spectacular day. The route traverses above the village and then starts a steep climb up into a rhododendron forest. It is a broad, well made track and after a number of small summits a Col is reached at 9,842ft/3,000m. The path now descends gently, traversing along the valley to open meadows with views across to the Kuari Pass. We continue downhill through the valley along several streams, before it plunges down a very steep and loose section, much of which has been washed away by the monsoons. At the bottom, you will see that the river has cut through a deep rocky, dramatic gorge to your right showing just how naturally scalped the entire region is. From the river, it is a very steep climb of about 3,000 feet (900 m) with a small break about half the way up to cross a large stream. A final climb brings you above the tree-line to the campsite on the large pastures where sheep and goats graze in summer, with the Kauri Pass towering above. Camp overnight.
  • Day 06 : TREK AROSS KUARI PASS (12,000ft/3,658m) TO TALI - 5-6 hours

    it is a short day today meaning that you have enough time to take breaks on the pass to simply stare in awe at your surroundings. The thrill of standing at such a height, with the cold wind hitting you across the face is a feeling that cannot be surpassed. We aim to cross this pass today so that you will have the benefit of the clear early morning the following day. For this we have to walk a bit more to gain more height, with the highest point of the trail being at a cool 4000 m high and is just half an hour from the Tali Pass ahead. Once, we have had our fill of the mountain view (which is highly unlikely) we walk down to our camp which has been set up for you across a small stream.
  • Day 07 : TREK FROM TALI TO AULI (8,250ft/2,500m/) AND DRIVE TO JOSHIMATH

    Most of summer treks finish in Auli and early summer/early winter treks finish in Tapovan because of the icy conditions on the trail to Auli. It is a 3-4-hr walk to either place. It is a gradual descent to Auli down through woods and pastures and we meet our car waiting for us at Auli to drive us to Joshimat. Auli, although having none of the elegance of its sister hill resorts, does have a charm and beauty of its own. It is the site where the famous Adiguru Shankaracharya attained enlightenment before beginning his campaign for the unification of India and the revitalization of Hinduism. There is a temple here called the Na Singh where the statue of Na Singh involves a legend that when the arm of the idol finally breaks, the road to Badrinath will be blocked. Interestingly, the statue’s arm has been getting smaller every year. Auli is also the centre of the Indian ski scene, and the cable car up to the resort of Auli starts in the middle of Joshimath.

    We stay overnight at a hotel in Joshimath to wash off the fatigue and get a comfortable sleep.

    A normal trekking expedition would get over at this point and would result in you driving back to Rishikesh from Joshimath but in this combo trip we instead drive till Devprayag where we will meet our rafting team which will prepare both us and our gear as we start our way downstream. The rapids are few and of low grade giving you an opportunity to simply swim, body surf or sing while oaring your raft. In a span of 1 ½ hour we reach Amarasyu where we camp at the beach for the night.
  • Day 09 : RAFT DOWN TO KODIYALA (4-5 hrs)

    Again an easy day for rafting where we negotiate a few small rapids on our 30 km way to our beach camp at Kodiala.
  • Day 10 : RAFT DOWN TO RISHIKESH (4-5 hrs)

    Kodiala is a very popular area for rafting and you get to cross some fine grade III rapids such as “Daniel Dip”, “The Wall”, “Three Blind Mice”, “Crossfire”, and the “Body Surfing rapid”. Covering 35 Km to reach Rishikesh where after lunch we make our way across a few more exciting rapids such as “Roller Coaster” and “Golf Course” to make it an appropriate and exciting end to a grand adventure. The ends at the arrival at Rishikesh.

Kuari Pass Trek

Kuari Pass Trek

Kuari Pass Trek

Kuari Pass Trek

Kuari Pass Trek

Kuari Pass Trek

Combo River Expedition

Combo River Expedition

Combo River Expedition

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